All Packed Up

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Well, we are all packed up. The movers came Thursday, packed all our stuff in boxes, and the next day loaded. We were on the road to Michigan by 1:30pm on Friday. Crazy fast, crazy awkward, but I am crazy thankful. I can't imagine packing up ALL our stuff. Also, how does one accumulate SO MUCH STUFF? 
The movers loading up.
Our empty house.
The boys eating bedtime pizza in the hotel shower... 'cause isn't that how everyone eats it?
Finally to Michigan!

So now we spend a week with our families until we head back down South for our adventure. At least that's how Justin is explaining everything to Jo. I don't think the boys truly understand that we will never be going back to that house in Tennessee...

The hardest part hasn't been leaving that house, or the town we had our babies in... The hardest part is saying goodbye to our friends... We cried leaving our church the last time, and I totally sobbed leaving my good friend.

But onward we march in obedience to God on our big adventure... Our God is good.

All About That Bunny

Monday, March 16, 2015

I promised y'all Easter photos of my boys taken by Wild Flowers Grow Photography. (Aka, my amazing friend.) And as you can tell, they were thrilled to dress up and have their photo taken. No really, there was a bunny; so they were THRILLED! Actually, I'm still hearing about that bunny...
Just an FYI, he's giving the bunny a hug.... or trying to.

No Jonah, and Levi, we will not be getting a bunny anytime soon...

The Sweetest Friend Ever

Friday, March 13, 2015

God has really blessed me with the sweetest friend... like EVER. Not only does she send me chocolate covered strawberries when my kids have the flu, make meals for me and my family when I'm sick, brings me coffee randomly, watches my boys, lets us come over every Friday for bible study, prays for me, teaches me by example how to train up kids in the ways of the Lord and how to love your hubby like Jesus; she also takes amazing photos... no really, AMAZING photos.

When my blog got a new look a few weeks ago I realized that my picture was two babies, and about 50 pounds ago... it was time for an update. So of course my friend came to mind. She willingly accepted the task, and even offered to take Easter photos of my boys too (those to come later).
My favorite...
Sarah's favorite... I was being silly.

Thank you Sarah, you are a wonderful friend.

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Personally, I think my boys are hilarious. But recently Jonah has been taking it to another level, and Levi is just a sweet crazy little thing with some great ideas.

Jonah's Quotables:

Jonah just informed me that when he grows up like a tree, he's going to be a dr and fix people's hearts, noses, and tongues. And when he is done fixing people, he's going to drive a baby car that is blue. (1.7.15)

Me: "I have goofy boys."
Jonah: "No mama, Levi Donald Duck, Jonah Goofy."

Me: "Oh! Thank you boys for obeying mommy! That thanks me so happy!"
Jonah: (big sigh) "It was a tough time." (3.10.15)

Just asked Jo what kind of blue he wanted in his new bedroom... He said Macaroni blue... I clarified and found out he meant the shade of blue that is on the Kraft Mac and cheese box! (3.11.15)

Levi's Wonderful Idea:

Scenic City 5k Race Recap

Friday, March 6, 2015

Last Saturday, I apparently lost my mind and decided to wake up before the sun so I could go run 3.1 miles with a bunch of other crazies... a.k.a. I ran a race.

It took me about 34 minutes.This was by no means a PR (Personal Record) for me, but I had fun. I also consider it a great race because I didn't train as much as I should have due to the upcoming move; but I never walked. And as usual, I had my dopey "look at me I'm running" grin on my face.

It was cold during the race, like 30 degrees cold. This was also my first race that was actually on a road. My others have been on the Greenway, or in a park.

The best part was that I got to pray with someone before the race, and talk with others about how awesome God is! Yay! I'm quite sure the moment I don't give God all the glory for my running, I need to stop. This shouldn't be about me, but how awesome my healing God is.