Homeless, Jobless, & Living with the Parents...

Friday, April 3, 2015

Last week we were homeless (just sold our house to the relocation company), the hubby had ended his last job and hadn't started his new one, and we were visiting our families in Michigan (so we were living with Justin's parents). So on paper life sounded horrid, when really it was lovely.

It was stressful adding a vacation right in the middle of the move, but we knew driving from Louisiana to Michigan was NOT going to be happening very often. So we had to grab that opportunity for a "short" 12 hour car trip to go visit family.

Now that I've explained all that, go grab a coffee or something and get comfy for my picture dump:

Nana Lynne introduced the boys to Bugles, and all that entails. 

We took the boys to the Butterfly House at Dow Gardens. Jo was in bug HEAVEN!

Leaving the Butterfly House, Nana Lynne bribed the boys to leave by gifting them puppet butterflies.

My lovely and talented sister-in-law did my hair for me! Haven't colored it since before I was married!

The final product: reddish brown balayage.

Having fun with Nana Wendy.

My Dad is buying a new house, and I fell down the stairs while checking it out... but my sweet family prayed for my "owie" at bedtime.

Saying "buh-bye" to Nana Wendy.

And for the grand finale, a video of SloMo Flying Biddle Boys:

All Packed Up

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Well, we are all packed up. The movers came Thursday, packed all our stuff in boxes, and the next day loaded. We were on the road to Michigan by 1:30pm on Friday. Crazy fast, crazy awkward, but I am crazy thankful. I can't imagine packing up ALL our stuff. Also, how does one accumulate SO MUCH STUFF? 
The movers loading up.
Our empty house.
The boys eating bedtime pizza in the hotel shower... 'cause isn't that how everyone eats it?
Finally to Michigan!

So now we spend a week with our families until we head back down South for our adventure. At least that's how Justin is explaining everything to Jo. I don't think the boys truly understand that we will never be going back to that house in Tennessee...

The hardest part hasn't been leaving that house, or the town we had our babies in... The hardest part is saying goodbye to our friends... We cried leaving our church the last time, and I totally sobbed leaving my good friend.

But onward we march in obedience to God on our big adventure... Our God is good.

Currently on Instagram....

Thursday, March 19, 2015

5 kiddos, 2 adults, and a whole lotta craziness at IKEA. Great Fun.
Levi is starting to find his own "Hidden Mickey's" even if it's in his cereal.
Hubby loaded us all up in the car one night to get Starbucks because Mama was stressing about the up coming move.
Spring is in the air!

All About That Bunny

Monday, March 16, 2015

I promised y'all Easter photos of my boys taken by Wild Flowers Grow Photography. (Aka, my amazing friend.) And as you can tell, they were thrilled to dress up and have their photo taken. No really, there was a bunny; so they were THRILLED! Actually, I'm still hearing about that bunny...
Just an FYI, he's giving the bunny a hug.... or trying to.

No Jonah, and Levi, we will not be getting a bunny anytime soon...

The Sweetest Friend Ever

Friday, March 13, 2015

God has really blessed me with the sweetest friend... like EVER. Not only does she send me chocolate covered strawberries when my kids have the flu, make meals for me and my family when I'm sick, brings me coffee randomly, watches my boys, lets us come over every Friday for bible study, prays for me, teaches me by example how to train up kids in the ways of the Lord and how to love your hubby like Jesus; she also takes amazing photos... no really, AMAZING photos.

When my blog got a new look a few weeks ago I realized that my picture was two babies, and about 50 pounds ago... it was time for an update. So of course my friend came to mind. She willingly accepted the task, and even offered to take Easter photos of my boys too (those to come later).
My favorite...
Sarah's favorite... I was being silly.

Thank you Sarah, you are a wonderful friend.